I Presented at Biddable World

Was Ebay Wrong About Paid Search from richardfergie I really enjoyed presenting at Kelvin Newmann's latest conference Biddable World. My presentation is embedded from slideshare above and the key ideas are bullet pointed below:

    It is possible to measure the true value of something by not doing it and seeing what changes. But this is high risk...

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Table of Contents 1. Bonus: Creating simple analysis tools 2. End bonus --- title: Everyone is an Analyst tags: charity,data science,process,analytics,web analytics --- TL;DR; use your web analytics expertise to unlock the domain expertise of the client As I'm sure anyone with a LinkedIn profile and web analytics as a skill knows there is a bit of a skills gap...

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Table of Contents 1. The skills --- title: 4251 LinkedIn Skills tags: linkedin --- My good friend Pritesh Patel complained over the weekend that he couldn't put one handed clapping as one of his skills on LinkedIn.


Table of Contents 1. What causes ranking changes? 2. Grouping skills --- title: Machine Learning and Feature Selection/Discovery tags: ---


Table of Contents 1. The experiment you never dare run 2. Ebay and paid search effectiveness 3. Can we get the rigour without the opportunity cost? 4. The experiment you should consider running? --- title: Determining the true value of paid search tags: adwords,ppc --- 1 The experiment you never dare run The esteemed Matt Van Wagner wrote a...

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