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I Presented at Biddable World

Was Ebay Wrong About Paid Search from richardfergie

I really enjoyed presenting at Kelvin Newmann's latest conference Biddable World. My presentation is embedded from slideshare above and the key ideas are bullet pointed below:

  • It is possible to measure the true value of something by not doing it and seeing what changes.
  • But this is high risk (lots of missed sales) and it can sometimes be difficult to compare before/after because of seasonality.
  • If you can divide the audience up into homogeneous groups so that similar groups can be divided into test and control then you can run a proper test like this.
  • Ebay divided their audience based on geographical regions and this approach works well because it is possible to pause/activate PPC ads based on this dimension
  • The tricky part is then identifying similar areas.
  • I did this firstly using clustering algorithms and then refined it by hand.
  • (I have somehow broken my install of RGoogleAnalytics so I can't verify the code is still working. When I've got that sorted out I will post an example)
Authored by Richard Fergie