--- title: Notes ---

1 Split testing and static websites

I have a feeling that testing something new could be as simple as "git branch". Here is how it might work with a static website like this one:

  1. Branch into a new directory. Implement feature to test
  2. Generate branch html and send it to a new directory on the server
  3. Setup nginx to use the branch static directory as another upstream backend
  4. Nginx's load balancing needs to be based on a cookie
  5. Use the value of this cookie to determine which version the user saw in Google Analytics
  6. Measure the results

This idea has potential. But there are still some rough edges to smooth out.

2 A Masters Thesis on Bid Management

3 Inferring causation

An interesting R module is described at http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/pcalg/vignettes/pcalgDoc.pdf. Might be workable

4 How to write stuff that gets anchor text links?

http://www.cs.huji.ac.il/~yweiss/uai08gruber.pdf "In this paper we present a probabilistic generative model for hypertext document collections that explicitly models the generation of links. Specifically, links from a word w to a document d depend directly on how frequent the topic of w is in d, in addition to the in-degree of d."

5 OS Open Postcode Data

National grid references for each UK postcode can be downloaded in CSV format from http://parlvid.mysociety.org:81/os/. It is possible to convert the grid references into a latitude and longitude.