Independent Data Science Consultant

Hello, my name is Richard Fergie.

I am an independent Data Science Consultant.

I can help you build new analytical capabilities within your team through training and building tools.

If you have an idea for a way to use data or machine learning within your business then I will develop a proof of concept to help demonstrate the value of your idea.

Many people don't have a specific ideas for what to do with all their data. Why not get in touch anyway? We can discuss what I've done on previous projects and see if there is something that might fit with your business.

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Example Projects

  • Using machine learning to identify different customer segments for a large online publisher.
  • Setting up experiments to rigorously measure the incremental uplift of brand search.
  • Helping agencies by writing AdWords scripts to automate parts of the measure → learn → apply cycle.
  • Modelling the true incremental value of marketing spend for a luxury hotel.
  • Building custom analysis tools and dashboards for a large manufacturer.
  • Personalised training sessions on machine learning, the R programming language and PPC strategy (not all at the same time!)

Greatest Hits

A curated selection of the best content on the site:

R for Web Analysts

A soup to nuts guide for getting started with the R programming language and Google Analytics.

I provide customised training for organisations to help develop the contents of this document towards a particular business need.

Multi Level Bidding

One of the challenges of biddable media is setting the correct bid based on not very much data.

This page demonstrates one approach to helping with this which uses the account structure to "pool" data together which gives a better estimate of the conversion rate.

The hierarchical model approach can also be used in other ways.

Lines of Best Fit

A very simple introduction to adapting machine learning models for custom use

Another example of how this can be useful is my post on different test models

Read more in the blog archive.