About E-Analytica

E-Analytica is a one man consultancy with expertise in digital measurement and it's applications in marketing.

The business exists for selfish reasons, namely that I want more control over the type of work I was doing and I want to be able to live in Northumberland. Since 2015 E-Analytica has enabled me to do both these things whilst working with some great clients.

As the only person in the business I can't write about it without writing about myself. I love talking about myself but I hate writing about myself; something about not knowing the audience I guess. For more informations about the "what" rather than the "why" see the Services page.

How I got here

After my maths degree at Oxford University I was one of the first employees at SEOptimise (now White.net). I never planned a career in digital but Kevin and Stuart at SEOptimise were also offering me the flexibility in my work to do a lot of rowing. The rowing thing didn't work out (turns out I'm quite good, but not very good) but this gave me an excellent start to my career.

I moved to London for a brief stint at Forward3D working on some of the biggest paid search accounts in the UK and seeing what life at a bigger agency was like. This exposed me to "agile" and the amazing results that a joined up process between marketing, design, development and ops can bring. This really made me think about how digital can best position itself within an organisation which lead me to move to Reform; a management consultancy for the digital age.

My role at Reform was a mix of paid search management, digital analytics and management consultancy which is a good intersection to be in for learning. I left for two main reasons listed above, namely that I wanted to leave London and I wanted more control over the type of work that I do. I am still looking for the right balance between nerdy maths and talking to real people.