Tag Management for Google Analytics using the E-Analytica Tag Manager

Posted on September 26, 2012

Here is a quick walk through on how to get up and running with the E-Analytica tag manager and Google Analytics. Hopefully it is simpler than you think!

  1. Click the “Add Tag” button to add a new tag


  2. Name the tag. “Google Analytics” is a good name for this


  3. Click the “Add Variant” button and give the variant a name


  4. Give the variant a priority number. The rule is that when two variants are both eligible to show on the same page, the variant with the highest priority will be shown.

    In this example I use a priority of 0 because this is the default tag. I want any custom tags to be able to overwrite it.

    The priority must be a whole number.

  5. Select which pages the variant will show on. You have four options:

    • All pages
    • URIs that start with a particular string
    • URIs that contain a particular string
    • A URI that exactly matches the string

    Here I choose all pages because I want the tag to show on every page.


  6. Add the Google Analytics javascript code. This code is hosted on the Google Analytics website at http://www.google-analytics.com/ga.js.


  7. Add the inline javascript. Inline javascript is what would go directly on the page. It is not stored in an external file. The Google Analytics inline script looks something like what is in the picture below (you will have to change the UA code):


  8. Finished! Click “Save Tags” and you’re done

The cool thing is that you can update the tags in real time without having to make changes to the website.

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