The type of Data Science work I do breaks down into three rough areas. Projects normally cover multiple areas so please don’t feel like an engagement needs to neatly fit into one of these boxes.

  1. Adding a new capability to your team or business by training your team or developing new data tools and processes.
  2. Quickly proving the value (or not!) of machine learning by creating a proof of concept of an idea or algorithm.
  3. Adding capacity to an existing team to help you through a staffing gap or glut of work.

New Capabilities

There are two ways in which I can add new capabilities to your team or organisation:

1. Training

I have run very successful training courses to introduce people to the basics of Data Science.

Since 2015 I have run a training session on R for Digital Analysts at the MeasureCamp unconference. I estimate I have helped well over 120 people get started with using R and the Google Analytics API. MeasureCamp has also hosted training sessions on more advanced topics such as a deep dive into a small area of machine learning.

See a more detailed list of training courses here.

I would love to deliver one of these courses in your organisation or I can customise the material based on whatever we identify as the critical needs of your team.

2. Tooling

Even when your team knows the basics there are still several barriers they might face when embedding Data Science techniques into their daily workflow. For example, they might have to access data in an unusual format, from an unusual source or parse campaign names to extract metadata.

These things slow people down when they are trying to do their best work. I can design tools for them to use that will help standardise processes across your team in a way that still allows your colleagues the flexibility to develop their own unique solutions to problems.

Here are some examples:

  1. Report templates
  2. Cloud infrastructure for data science
  3. Functions for calculating custom metrics (e.g. for clients with non-standard year start/end)
  4. Examples of various analyses that can be customised by your team

Proof of Concept or Value

These days every business is generating and storing a lot of data about their operations or their customers. A lot of people feel that they should be doing something more with this data, whether that be finding new insights through analyses or doing something clever with machine learning.

But it is very difficult to tell in advance which of these things will work so it is risky for organisations to try it — especially once you start to factor in the cost of full time employees with the relevant skills or the lock in of long term agency contracts.

If you have the idea for something that might work but you aren’t sure, or you want to know how well a technique works on your data so you can figure out how much value is there then I can work with you to build a proof of concept.

These projects often involve some kind of training or capability building for your team too so that the whole thing can be handed off to them on completion.

Extra Capacity

Perhaps you already have a successful Data Science team but they struggle to get all their work done!

This happens to every team at one time or another; often because of a recruitment gap, maternity leave, or an uneven workload through the year. I will happily white label myself so you can use me to fill these capacity gaps on your team.