As a mercenary consultant I'll do pretty much anything if you pay me enough, but businesses normally engage me for help in the following areas:

Data Science and Machine Learning

Machine Learning is a big area and Data Science is even bigger! To narrow it down; I help people identify places where machine learning can be helpful to their organisation and I build custom models and algorithms to solve business problems.

I am not a big data specialist — I will only work with "big" data in three circumstances:

  1. It isn't actually that big. There is a useful gap between "too big to work with in Excel" and "I need a room full of computers to process this" where I can be quite useful.
  2. You already have something like BigQuery setup.
  3. You want to pay me to learn this stuff. please

I have a small number of clients where I do data science on non-digital data (e.g. offline customer files, charitable interventions) but most of my work of this type has digital data at the foundation.

Training and Support

I have been teaching beginners how to use R since 2014 as a part of the MeasureCamp series of unconferences. If you can't makes the dates for this then I will be happy to run a specialised session for you and your organisation.

Personalised and more in depth training courses are also popular for businesses that already have a small amount of data science expertise. This is a great way to empower the clever people in your office by giving them a new way to apply their intelligence and creativity.

A natural follow on from a training course is for me to provide ongoing support and troubleshooting for an in house team as they develop their skills and processes. "Office hours" when people know they can talk to me about this stuff works pretty well but I'm happy to explore other ways of collaberating in this space.

Web Analytics

I provide support and troubleshooting of Google Analytics implementations.

From goal tracking to enhanced ecommerce to custom reports for different stakeholders I have helped businesses in many areas get the right Google Analytics setup for them.

I'm slightly biased because I think data has so many applications for businesses (and this is how I earn my living), but poor or incomplete web analytics setups are a huge missed opportunity for so many people.

What isn't here?

Paid Search Management

Paid Search on Google and Bing is where I first started in the industry and where I have built a large part of my professional reputation but this type of work represents a shrinking proportion of my business as I move and develop more in the areas listed above.

The reasons for this are interesting and one day I will write a blog post about them and link to it from here.